Man wins $2.5 million in lottery

March 2, 2013

It was no different than any other day when Dwight Cullum stopped at the Wrangler convenience store Tuesday morning on his way to work.

“I stop there every morning and get something to nibble on at the shop. And I buy a lottery ticket,” the Granbury resident said.

That’s when a “normal day” went out the window. He scratched off a $2.5 million winning ticket in the Texas Lottery.

Cullum said he started to scratch off the ticket as he walked outside. Then he drove across the street to the Mobil station on Highway 377 East.

He finished scratching the ticket and couldn’t believe his eyes.

“I kept looking at it. I moved it up and down – and it still said the same thing.

“I showed it to the guy at the Mobil station and asked him, ‘Does this say what I think it does?’”

It said $2.5 million winner. Contact the Texas Lottery.

Cullum said he called his wife while driving to the shop – he’s president of Granbury Welding and Metal.

“When I told her what I won, she said, ‘You did not.’ I told her yes, I did, I really did. When she finally believed me, she started giggling like a little girl.”

It was really hard to work that day.

“I’ve told them that I’m still coming to work each day. But I may go home at lunch,” Cullum said with a chuckle.

His wife also plans to continue working – for now.

“We haven’t made any plans yet. We’re going to wait until after we get the money,” Cullum said. “We won’t do anything crazy.”

Cullum has been a Granbury resident for 30 years, and has been married almost that long.

The family includes three grown children – two sons and a daughter – and six grandsons. “We’re expecting a granddaughter in July,” he said.

Cullum said he’ll still keep buying lottery tickets every day.

“I don’t buy the same thing each day. I buy different ones.”

He said he’s never won anything big – just enough to keep it interesting.

“It’s a blessing to us,” Cullum said of the windfall. “But I’m about ready to get back to normal.”

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