Juvenile center youngsters warm hearts of senior citizens

December 18, 2013


Sixty-four youngsters from Granbury Regional Juvenile Justice Center (GRJCC) recently made 150 snowmen.

And they did it inside a warm facility while the weather outside in Hood County was frightful.

The army of the little white men was sent to Granbury Care Center (GCC) to surprise and warm the hearts of residents.

Each snowman was put in a gift bag along with a Christmas card from a youth at the justice center and personally delivered by Angie Lowe, administrator of GRJCC, as well as other GRJCC employees including Adam Clark, Melissa Miller, Jennifer Avery and Miriam Hughes.

“This is the first year we’ve done this, and the kids wanted to do something for someone as part of their group therapy session project,” Lowe said. “We plan on giving to a different group each year and do something for the Granbury community.”

The snowmen were created with socks, deer corn to fill them out, rubber bands and various accessories to complete the look.

The husband of one of the employees at GRJCC was able to get his employer to donate the supplies needed to create and deliver the gifts.

“They were awesome,” said Mysti Shaver, GCC activities director about the GRJCC employees. “One by one they handed them out, explained why they were giving the gifts, helped them open the package and read the card.”

Later Shaver walked by some residents who were clutching the snowman or rereading their cards.

“It was really very touching and meant a lot to the residents,” she said.

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