Hwy 144 speed limit drops to 60

April 27, 2013

One local couple said they had an encounter with law enforcement – but it wasn’t a harrowing experience.

On Wednesday they had been pulled over by a DPS trooper while driving on Glen Rose Highway, the road they use to go to and from home south of Granbury. They were informed that on Tuesday the speed limit there had been lowered from 70 mph to 60. Fortunately, instead of being handed a costly speeding ticket they were given a written warning and sent on their way.

The sign indicating the starting point for the new 60 mph zone, near the intersection with Bluebonnet Drive, does have two small red flags on top to alert drivers. It’s near the spot where 144 becomes a divided highway.

A representative with the TxDOT office in Fort Worth said that the speed limit was lowered from 70 mph to 60 out to the point where the north leg of FM 2425 (Mambrino Highway) intersects with 144, because of safety concerns for the public and a traffic study requested by the Sheriff’s Office.

The same busy road – South Morgan Street within Granbury’s city limits – had another recent change.

About a month ago, the Granbury City Council approved raising the speed limit from 30 mph to 35 on South Morgan between West Pearl Street and South Meadows Street (just past the red light at that intersection). There, the speed limit becomes 45 mph until it increases to 55 just outside the city limits, near Rock Harbor Drive.

Granbury Police Chief Mitch Galvan said that change was recommended to the city by TxDOT. A TxDOT spokesman said that the change was made based on information gleaned from a previous traffic study it conducted.

Another change that went into effect on Tuesday was also outside the city limits, north of Granbury on Weatherford Highway. Starting near Tomlinson Road for northbound drivers, the speed limit drops from 65 to 60, continuing to the Parker County line.

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