Hood County ravaged by killer tornado

May 18, 2013



In the aftermath of the deadly tornado that destroyed homes and lives within seconds, many people chose the same words to describe the devastation: war zone.

The neighborhood of Rancho Brazos, a monument to compassion with its more than 60 Habitat for Humanity homes and a church-built community center, was leveled Wednesday night by a force every bit as powerful as a bomb.

The community will survive, nursed back to health by the family of Hood County.

Public Safety Chaplain Joe Phillips said there were “many stories” from Wednesday night’s tragedy that showed the character of the community. One story involved a search team from the North Hood County Volunteer Fire Department. It took quite awhile, but the team made its way through the darkness and devastation, pushing a woman in a wheelchair to the triage center at American Legion Post 491.

“This was illustrative of the night,” Phillips wrote in a message to the Hood County News. “People giving when need was the greatest – and not stopping until the need was met.”


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