Drug drop-off bin in place at LEC

April 17, 2013


A series of big drop-offs at the Hood County Sheriff’s Office would actually be a good thing.

A metal drop-off bin for disposal of unwanted or expired prescription medications is now in place at the Hood County Law Enforcement Center (LEC), 400 Deputy Larry Miller Drive. The Hood County Substance Abuse Council, in cooperation with the sheriff, arranged to set up the white bin in the parking lot of the LEC. It has been in place since Thursday afternoon, secured on a small concrete slab.

“We’ve taken steps to ensure this for the future and being able to dispose of drugs properly,” Deeds said Friday, noting that the drugs will be destroyed in an incinerator at the LEC after the drugs are dropped off. “We hope it’s going to be useful to people. We’ll keep up with it daily, and people can keep their unused old drugs out of their cabinets.”

Not only can expired drugs become useless in treating what they were prescribed for, but also can become dangerous in some cases, the sheriff warned.

The drop-off bin is for medications that are in pill form. It’s not for liquids, syringes, needles or catheters.

Also, any drugs deposited should first be secured in a container. One of the first people to take advantage of the bin reportedly dumped a load of individual pills that were not in a bottle or any other type of container.

Meanwhile, the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day will once more be observed in Hood County, this time on Saturday, April 27. It will be at the LEC, as part of the sixth national Take-Back Day, which has removed more than 2 million pounds of prescription medications from circulation so far, according to the DEA.

Deeds indicated he isn’t certain if the DEA will continue staging its national take-back effort, if budget cuts strike.

“Now, this will be in place 24/7 at the Sheriff’s Office, so we won’t have to be 100 percent dependent on the DEA to finance National Drug Take-Back Day,” he said.

A national survey on drug use showed that more than 6 million Amercians abuse prescription drugs and that more than 70 percent of people abusing prescription pain relievers got them through friends or relatives, according to a DEA news release.

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