Disabled cruise ship passengers returning home

February 16, 2013

It wasn’t the cruise of their dreams, but Kristi Reyero and her two children were making the best of it while their ship was adrift at sea.

LaDell Ingle, of Granbury, said her daughter Kristi arranged a cruise on Carnival Cruise Line’s Triumph as a Christmas present for her two children, Chelsea, 19, and Christian, 15.

This wasn’t the first cruise for the Reyero clan of Keller, but it probably will be the most memorable.

“They were camped out on the deck, just making the best of it,” Ingle said of the Reyeros.

The cruise left Galveston Feb. 7 and was supposed to return Feb. 11.

Listed as the emergency contact for the family, Ingle got a phone call Sunday from Carnival Cruise officials regarding a fire on the Triumph. “They said ‘we want you to rest assured that no one was injured,’ and they said they had limited operations with a generator.”

It was a rather alarming phone call to say the least.

Throughout the ordeal, Ingle received automated phone calls with updates on the stranded ship.

Another cruise ship arrived at one point, and shared food and supplies with those on the stranded ship. Christi was able to get cell service from the other ship and called her mom. It was a relief for mom to hear her voice. “She said for lunch she had an onion sandwich. Later they got a piece of chicken,” Ingle stated.

Tugboats pulled the ship to port in Mobile, Ala. Thursday night. “They were planning to get on a bus, riding to Galveston through the night,” Ingle said of the Reyero family. Others may stay at hotels in New Orleans before the bus trip back to Galveston, the port of departure for the ship.

“I’m just thankful they are OK,” Ingles said with a sigh of relief.


Ashley Myers, formerly of Granbury and now living in Kingland, is thankful that her honeymoon plans have been rescheduled.

The 2001 Granbury graduate has a wedding planned here Feb. 23.

The couple had planned a honeymoon cruise on the Carnival Triumph after the wedding. Unfortunately, the ship will be taken out of service for some time. Carnival officials called to cancel the cruise Wednesday.

“It was a little stressful to have this happen 10 days before the wedding,” she said.

The couple was offered a full refund and a 25 percent discount to re-book an upcoming trip. And they did.

“We are now booked on a cruise out of New Orleans for the honeymoon,” Myers said. It’s a 7 day cruise to the Bahamas.

“The good thing is that we weren’t on that ship (Triumph) for our honeymoon,” she said.

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