Community supports Weekend Food for Kids

December 18, 2013

Another $3,444 is needed to meet the fundraising goal of $25,000 to sustain the Weekend Food for Kids program for another year.

The program is now at every campus in the Granbury school system, providing food for some 494 students weekly.

Schools and sponsors include the following:

Baccus Elementary School, Granbury Middle School and Granbury High School: Christian Service Center.

Acton Elementary, along with Rancho Brazos Boys & Girls Club: Acton United Methodist Church.

Brawner Elementary: First Christian Church.

Emma Roberson Elementary: Loaves and Fishes at Lakeside Baptist.

Mambrino Elementary: Southside Baptist Church.

Oak Woods School: First United Methodist Church.

Acton Middle School: Acton Baptist Church.

Crossland Ninth Grade Center: Mission Granbury.

Behavioral Transition Center: Warriors for Christ Ministry.

STARS Academy: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Children who are eligible for the free or reduced meal program are fed at school during the week. But some of these kids may not have food over the weekend.

The food cost ranges from $5 to $5.15 for each weekend bag.

The Weekend Food for Kids program and the Monthly Community Pantry are under the umbrella of the Neighbors Feeding Neighbors nonprofit agency.

Your donation to Neighbors Helping Neighbors will be used entirely for the Weekend Food Kids program.

See P. 8B for more information.

Monetary donations to the Weekend Food for Kids program can be mailed to Neighbors Feeding Neighbors at P.O. Box 1611, Granbury Texas 76049. Call 817-573-7066 with questions.

Gene and Holly Keeney, $25.

Anonymous, $100.

Anonymous, $125.

Anonymous, $100.

Delores Balderas, $25.

Edgar Fair, $1,000.

Patricia Rosetti, $100.

Brian R. Caldow, $100.

Dennis G. Prevost, $40.

Anonymous, $50.

Anonymous, $10.

Anonymous, $91.50.

Jan Eric Barto, $100.

Willie and Wanda Crossland, $200.

Tom Daus, $50.

Anonymous, $50.

Michael and Carol Elder, $25.

Don and Deanna Gormley, $100.

Joan Knott, $50.

Anonymous, $250.

Anonymous, $250.

Ron and Peggy Milliman, $35.

Phillip and Mary Ann Oswalt, $100.

Tom Peeler, $500.

Judy Porcher, $50.

Juergen and Arla Richter, $150.

Tom and Joann Tudor, $100.

Phyllis Webster, $500.

Hal and Charlaine Schulz, n/a.

Anonymous, $25.

Anonymous, $100.

Anonymous, $1,000.

Anonymous, $1,000.

Anonymous, $100.

Kathy, Cory and Carly Cheek, $150.

Anonymous, $20.

Anonymous, $100.

Anonymous, $25.

Jerry and Janet Payne, $100.

Best Buy Walk In Tubs, $200.

Dorothy Boynton, $100.

Ronnie and Wynell Crow, $20.

Rita Hart, $200.

Charles James, $150.

Dennis and Sondra Madigan, $250.

Jess and Shirley Moore, $100.

Ronny and Lacy Mowrey, $100.

Aunita Norman, $25.

Gary Carolyn Page, $25.

Dianne Stark, $25.

Gwen Wakefield, $20.

James and Evalyn Willis, $25.

Mary Wright, $25.

Malinda and Giacomini Bazzone, $50.

Ransone Bazzone, $50.

David and Leneta Cleveland, $100.

June Dunn, $40.

Jerry Elman, $25.

Robert and Cherry Hanneman, $25.

Anonymous, $30.

Zeta Martin, $125.

Billy Martin, $300.

Jan Pierpont, $50.

Dave and Linda Raffa, $25.

Anonymous, $10.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Throne, $100.

Ronnie and Lyn Tomlinson, $100.

Anonymous, $35.

Anonymous, $30.

Anonymous, $25.

William Clark and Mary Balint, $200.

Mike and Dixie Burkholder, $500.

Anonymous, $200.

W.S. and Wanda Lowe, $125.

Robert and Sammie Williams, $500.

Grey W. and Diana G. Baker, $200.

Garri M. Liford, $50.

J.F. Poynor, $25.

Kathy Cox, $300.

Kratech Energy, Inc., Jeff and DeAnn Krakos, $100.

Anonymous, $75.

Total $21,556.50

[email protected] | 817-573-7066, ext. 255

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