City skatepark likely this summer

March 6, 2013

The skatepark budgeted for the current fiscal year is expected to become a reality sometime this summer, according to Granbury City Manager Wayne McKethan.

The park will be on the City Council agenda later this month, or on the agenda for the first meeting in April, he said. Once the City Council gives the green light, the project will go out for bid.

“Our goal is to try to get it built within three or four months. We’ll try to have it open at least for a period of the time in the summer,” the city manager stated.

The skatepark will be in a lighted area off Crossland Road near the soccer fields, not far from the City Park and the Law Enforcement Center (LEC). It will be in view of patrol cars driving to and from the LEC.

According to city staff, those who use the park will do so at their own risk. The city will bear no liability. There will be signage regarding safety and responsibility, city officials said.

McKethan said that the amphitheater will be used a number of ways, including for outdoor meetings and musical performances.

a popular attraction

Skateparks are a draw for young people who enjoy skateboarding, inline skating and riding BMX bikes. The parks feature a variety of ramps, pipes, handrails and other features for those who enjoy extreme sports.

The first skateparks got their start in the 1970s, but declined in the 1980s during a time when interest in skateboarding waned.

The modern-day resurgence of skateparks is believed to have started with what is now Burnside Skatepark beneath the Burnside Bridge in Portland, Ore. Skateboard fans created it without permission, but eventually the city approved it as a public skatepark. It is featured in some video games.

Premier skateboard parks can also be found in California and Kentucky, among other locations.

Houston has the 30,000-square-foot Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark, which is believed to contain the largest cradle in the nation. A cradle is a spherical bowl turned on its side usually connected with a bowl.

In January, Houston officials broke ground on the Spring Skatepark, which reportedly will be the largest of its kind in the country and the second-largest in the world when it opens in April 2014.

Granbury’s skatepark and amphitheater will be designed for “as much productivity as possible,” McKethan stated.

“We’re excited about it,” he said. “It will increase the likelihood that we can bring in tourists to help the community.”

dog park

In the coming weeks, workers will be putting the finishing touches on the new dog park in preparation for the Saturday, April 20 grand opening.

The park is located on Moore Street, near the ball fields.

The city’s contest to name the dog park will continue through Friday. Submissions can be made in person at the Visitor Information Center at City Hall, 116 W. Bridge St., until 5 p.m. Friday.

They can be submitted online through the city’s website,, until 11:59 p.m. that night.

Amenities at the dog park will include benches and picnic tables in sunny and shaded areas, and water for dogs as well as their owners.

Dogs will need to be properly registered before using the park.

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