Citizens react to Obama triumph

November 10, 2012

Citizens were asked to comment about President Obama’s re-election Tuesday.

Mitt Romney stomped the president in the Republican stronghold of Hood County, but the Democrat out-voted his opponent nationally to earn four more years in office.

If you wish to comment, email a letter to: [email protected] Please include your name and town/subdivision where you live.

Ashamed of countrymen

With Obama as president for the first time in my life I can say I am ashamed of my fellow countrymen. Those that voted for him are the ones who live off the labor of our backs and believe they are entitled to it. They are the ones committing welfare fraud while we pay for their food, medical care, clothing and education.

I don’t know how you feel but I resent their attitude. If they are too lazy to work then do without like the rest of us have in hard times.

Jean Walters, Tin Top Road

Cheney messed it up

Now if Congress will reach across the aisle so he can get things done that it took Cheney 8 years to mess up, we can get this country back on its feet.

LaCelle Howard,

Comanche Harbor

America lost the war

He won the battle, but America lost the war. The blatant disregard for election laws, Constitutional laws, and basic human rights to live and let live are a despicable testament to the direction our country is headed under this administration.

Patty Burgett, Laguna Vista

I just don’t get it

I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it.

First, a totally inexperienced candidate is elected president in 2008. Then this person, during his first term in office, sees the unemployment rate go over 8%, increases dramatically the national debt, and then watches gas prices soar while inhibiting stateside oil production. I could go on, but shouldn’t this person be a one-term president?

John Langford, deCordova

Not the America I served

I just spent 20 years serving America in the military. This is not the America I served. I guess now, half of this country better start working harder and longer hours because the other half is counting on our paycheck.

James Flowerree, Granbury

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