Burglars warm up

April 27, 2013

Burglars have been busy lately.

In the last month, at least 20 burglaries have been reported in Hood County. Thieves have stolen items from vehicles, houses and other buildings.

Granbury Police Department Lieutenant Cliff Andrews said the frequency of burglaries picks up each year as the weather improves.

“The closer we get to summer, we see all our (crime) stats pick up,” Andrews said. “It does for burglaries and thefts, particularly in the night-time hours.”

Lieutenant Johnny Rose of the Hood County Sheriff’s Office agreed, saying, “When the weather warms up, so do the burglaries and criminal mischiefs. Most of the car burglaries can be prevented if people would lock their doors.”

Andrews said that investigators often find that these types of burglary calls are a crime of opportunity in which either a door was left unlocked or a window or garage door was left up.

“More often than not, you set yourself up,” Andrews said. “You’re inviting the criminal into your life. Personal security is a must.”

In addition to the obvious law enforcement tips about locking cars and securing windows and doors at your home, officials also warn that anything of value should not be left in plain sight because it only serves to tempt would-be thieves.

The home burglaries reported from March 25 through April 25 were on Spring Court (Rolling Hills Shores), Beechwood Street (Oak Trail Shores), Dove Court (River Run), Mallard Way (Water’s Edge), Tanglewood Drive (OTS), Montego Boulevard (Montego Bay) and Daugherty Court (Eastwood Village).

The building burglaries were on Cleveland Road, Pirate Drive, Hill City Highway, Oak Court and Lipan Highway, and at Tolar Elementary School.

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