Bluff Dale depot plan abandoned

April 10, 2013

Plans to move and remodel the long-abandoned Bluff Dale railroad depot have been derailed.

Stephenville resident Robin Scott said he was unable to find community support for the project, and he’s putting the structure up for sale.

“Apparently there wasn’t enough support for it so the project has died,” Scott said. “I’ve reached my quota (of frustration), and I give up.”

Scott had said he was setting up a nonprofit organization to oversee moving the depot to a spot in Bluff Dale, near the railroad tracks. He envisioned a makeover of the depot so that it could become a community center/tourist attraction.

Scott thought everything was set to go forward until recently.

“Then we had a meeting to discuss where we stood, and they all came to the conclusion that the city didn’t want it,” he said. “I’m disheartened. I wish it had been otherwise.”

Scott said the man he works with in tearing down old barns and other buildings, Chad Procter, will share in the profit if the wood from the depot is sold. It’s still on a ranch just south of Bluff Dale, and the landowner had previously said he was donating the depot to Procter. “I’ll help Chad find buyers for all this stuff,” Scott said.

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