Bid process for Opera House to begin

March 9, 2013


The bid process for the Granbury Opera House project will begin in about two weeks, and construction is expected to begin in April, city officials said.

Many delays had led to a change in leadership, a change in design and the formation of a special committee to give reports to the City Council at its twice-monthly meetings. The committee was scheduled to meet again yesterday.

Once construction starts, the Scott Tucker Construction Co. of Fort Worth will have a set amount of time to complete the work. The agreement between the company and the city initially was 210 days, but that will be extended to some degree because more work was added.

Changes in design include an orchestra pit, a pit beneath the stage that will allow for special effects, a second-floor rehearsal area and areas in the lobby for tickets sales and concessions.

At this week’s council meeting, construction company representative Bill Scott reported on some stability issues with the roof that will need to be addressed. He and City Manager Wayne McKethan said the cost will likely be around $10,000, possibly a bit more.

“It’s a small engineering issue,” McKethan said Wednesday, the day after the council meeting. “It (the roof) is only attached at certain places. It needs more connections to make sure that it’s stable because when he knocks down that back wall, there could be a wind tunnel that causes some problems.”

Those involved with the project seem to feel that divisive issues that caused delays are now in the past.

“We’re really moving along quite well,” Scott told the council.

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