Bank bag with large sum found

February 16, 2013

More than $1,000 worth of cash and checks was returned to a Granbury business recently, but it wasn’t just a financial factor that was restored.

The deli manager at El Gallo del Oro, a Mexican diner inside Four Foxes convenience store at 1102 W. Pearl St. in Granbury, lost track of a bank bag containing $773.32, according to Deputy Chief Alan Hines of the Granbury Police Department. The blue BBVA Compass Bank bag also contained checks that pushed the total past the $1,000 mark and also contained important paperwork.

Stephenville residents Ron Neal and Jim Pool, transportation technicians with the Texas Department of Transportation who work out of Glen Rose, found the bank bag at about 10 a.m. on Feb. 6 near downtown Granbury. They took it to Tolar because they thought one of the documents inside indicated the owner might live there. That was a dead end so they took the money to Tolar Police Chief R.C. Cox, who contacted the Granbury police. Cox got in touch with local officer Michael Ingram while he was still at Four Foxes gathering information for his incident report. Ingram picked up the money and delivered it to the store.

Both the deli manager, who only started managing the restaurant a couple of months ago, and the Four Foxes manager asked not to have their names included in this article. But they were both willing to be quoted about how grateful they were for the honesty shown by Pool and Neal.

“Once you lose faith in mankind, there’s always something to show you there are good people in this world,” the deli manager said.

He said that if he gets to meet Pool and Neal, he would shake their hand and “tell them how thankful we are. I’d invite them over for dinner – and I hope they like Mexican food.”

The Four Foxes manager said of the two men who operate El Gallo del Oro, “They were very thankful for the TxDOT guys. To actually return the money, it’s unheard of. That’s amazing. Talk about honesty and sincerity.”

Cox said, “There’s still good, honest, hard-working people out there, no matter how society appears sometimes.”

Val Lopez, a public information officer with TxDOT based in Fort Worth, who informed the Hood County News about the return of the money, said the deli manager was “very happy to get his bank bag back.”

Officer Ingram sent a letter to James Hand, TxDOT supervisor for Hood and Somervell counties, to be passed along to Neal and Pool – commending them for their good deed. Lopez had a copy framed for both Neal and Pool.

The store manager said, “One theory was that (the bank bag) was on top of his car (and fell off). When we discovered the bag was missing, we looked and didn’t find it so we filled out a police report.”

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