Authorities say missing woman unharmed

September 21, 2013

The case of a 25-year-old Hood County woman reported missing on Monday by her mother has not been closed, but authorities said on Thursday that all indications show that no foul play was involved.

“Our investigation revealed she’s not in danger, and it wasn’t any kind of kidnapping,” Hood County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Johnny Rose said, saying the woman had eloped with a boyfriend. “The information we have is that she got married in Las Vegas. It’s not against the law to run off and get married.”

The woman’s mother called the Hood County News, disputing the findings of the investigators and saying she believed her daughter was taken to California against her will. She stated that her daughter’s two young children would not have been left behind if such a scenario were true.

“She is missing, and he has got her,” the mother said, referring to her daughter’s boyfriend. “I know that she would not leave those girls.”

The mother said that she has not seen or had contact with her daughter since she dropped off the children at her home Friday to spend the night.

“She told them she would see them in the morning,” the mother said, adding that as of 3 p.m. Thursday there had been no marriage license issued in Las Vegas for anyone under her daughter’s name.

Rose said that six investigators had contributed a considerable amount of time trying to track down the woman. Rose said that they received information from the police department in Corning, Calif., that indicated the woman had ended up there after the wedding ceremony.

“We talked to a ton of people who knew (the woman), and they say she’s not in danger,” Rose said. “The Corning P.D. had witnesses that laid eyes on her and said she’s happy.”

Rose, however, noted that until they get official word from a law enforcement agency that they have seen the woman in person to confirm she’s safe, the case remains open.

“We pretty much followed every lead we had, other than driving to California,” Rose said, explaining that they don’t have those kinds of resources.

A claim that the missing woman’s home had been found ransacked was also investigated, and Rose said a former roommate was believed to be responsible for that incident.

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