Animal Control: Rescued horses out of danger

March 6, 2013

The danger appears to have passed for the 27 remaining horses rescued Feb. 11 by officials from their malnourished state on a ranch in southeastern Hood County.

Two of the 29 starving horses had to be put down not long after their rescue in a combined effort of the Hood County Animal Control, the Hood County Animal Emergency Issues Committee and the North Texas Humane Society (Fort Worth).

On Monday, Animal Control Supervisor A.T. Vines, a captain with the Sheriff’s Office, said he received a report from Sergeant Kelly McNab stating that a few of the horses remain under the care of veterinarians, but no others are believed to be in immediate danger.

“A good number of them have gone to loving homes and rescues up in Oklahoma,” Vines said. “Apparently, everything is okay. They’re just nursing the rest of them back to health.”

Vines noted that there were 40 other horses found on the ranch during the rescue that were healthy enough to remain with the owner.

“Out of 73 total, to only have two put down, that’s great numbers – and that’s due to the quick actions of the Hood County Animal Control officers and all those involved,” Vines said.

The owner of the horses fully cooperated, Vines said, and voluntarily surrendered the at-risk animals.

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