A thief taketh away, but the Lord giveth back

November 21, 2012


Reggie Koon is a thankful man.

The way Pastor Dean Porter sees it, there is only one explanation for Koon’s good fortune, and that’s God’s goodness.

Here’s what happened, as relayed by Porter, Koon and Tracy Mann, director of SHAPE Academy:

Koon’s landlord had died, and the woman’s family wanted to sell her property, so Koon was in need of a place to live. He was a bit down on his luck, so Pastor Dean and his wife, LaWanda, invited him to stay for a time in the missions quarters of Lake Granbury Christian Temple. The church is on Acton Highway.

The 77-year-old Koon makes a living doing yard work. One night, someone took the trailer that held his two mowers, as well as other lawn equipment. Stole it right off the church parking lot.

When they did that, they stole Koon’s livelihood.

Pastor Dean and LaWanda were out of town with a gospel singing group when it happened, but Mann was there. SHAPE Academy, a classical homeschool cooperative, meets at the church, and Koon is a beloved grandfather figure to the students. He is a member of that church and does lawn work there.

Mann sent out emails about Koon’s plight. A woman who read the email mentioned the theft to an acquaintance who also does that type of work. She was hoping he might be able to help her obtain inexpensive replacements for Koon so that he could resume working.

When the woman described the trailer, the man realized that it was the same trailer he had just purchased off Craigslist.

The man and his associates brought the trailer and equipment back to the church to return them to their rightful owner.

“They were crying, these big burly men, when I told them that God just ordained this to happen,” said Mann.

Koon was not there at the time, so Mann and others were able to surprise him when he drove up in his truck.

“He kept looking at us, looking at the trailer, looking at us, looking at the trailer – and we said, ‘This isn’t us. This is God doing this.’”

Koon’s response was to walk out into a field and let loose with a shout of thanks to the heavens.

“I came unglued,” said Koon, who lost his brother – his only living relative – the same week his trailer was stolen. “I had to stand there and dance and worship and praise. They had to stand there watching a man have a fit.”

Pastor Dean said it was all pretty uncanny.

“That was the only income he had,” he said, referring to Koon’s lawn work.

What the thief took, God returned and multiplied. Koon said that he’s been earning more money ever since the equipment was returned.

“I’m a happy, blessed man,” he said Monday.

As for the thief, Koon hears that he’s in jail where he belongs. It’s a pretty safe bet he’s also in the doghouse with the big guy upstairs.

Said Pastor Dean: “The long and the short of it is there really is no other explanation besides God. I don’t know of anyone else who can orchestrate something so perfectly.”

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