’37 fire truck to be restored

October 19, 2013


It will be history in the re-making.

A “retired” 1937 fire truck that had literally been put out to pasture for years is being restored to its original look, according to Granbury Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief Darrell Grober.

The restoration project will be done with private donations, separate from the fire department expense budget.

“It was retired in 1974,” Grober said of the truck, which is called Old No. 2. “They took it and stuck it out in the middle of a pasture. It sat there for several years, and somebody decided to restore it. That restoration project fell apart (because of) either a lack of money or loss of interest. We managed to scrounge up everything.”

The Ford half-ton truck has its original 90-horsepower flathead V8 engine. The cab, hood, side panels, fenders and the rest of the body are waiting to be painted and assembled onto the frame. The new paint has yet to be selected because the original color has not been determined.

“We’re looking for donations,” Grober said. “It’s time-consuming, as well as an expensive project.”

Anyone wishing to donate can call the non-emergency number at GVFD Station No. 1 on West Pearl Street – 817-579-1111.

The manpower needed to put it all together will be donated as well, Grober added, but he said he had no estimate of the final cost, or how long it will take.

Matt Hohon, a firefighter and training lieutenant with the GVFD, is chairman of the restoration project committee.

Craig Davis, who is mechanically inclined and a former neighbor of Grober, will be one of the key volunteers working on the project. Davis, a former Granbury firefighter who joined the Tolar VFD after he moved there, rebuilt Old No. 2’s engine about 15 years ago, Grober noted.

Grober said that about 20 years ago someone had noticed that parts of the disassembled truck were about to be hauled off in boxes.

“He was able to stop them,” Grober said. “It was completely disassembled, and now we’re going to put it back together.”

There is one part missing, though.

“We haven’t been able to locate the bell yet,” said Grober, who wanted to request information from anyone who knows where the bell is now.

Grober said the truck will be used for parades and fire prevention programs.

“We feel like it’s important to preserve things like that – part of our history – to honor the people that came before us,” he said.

Grober said that the first year Granbury had an organized fire department was 1907, and pointed out that “this truck came along 30 years later. Somebody said let’s not let that old thing go to waste.”

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