Woman frustrated by trash dumping issues

January 30, 2013


Shelly Lathers Parsons is one frustrated woman.

She says Hood County officials have ordered her to dispose of the significant amount of junk and trash piling up on her land.

She said it’s her land, but it’s not her trash.

She is accused of a felony count of deadly conduct involving discharge of a firearm in connection with an angry confrontation with neighbors that she claims was only verbal. She said that people who live near her residence have been illegally dumping the trash on her land.

Sheriff Rogers Deeds said that even with the Hood County Appraisal District documentation she showed him, she hasn’t been able to prove that it’s her land. Deeds said that the dispute will end up in court before it’s resolved.

Hood County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested her on Dec. 14 at her home in the 2600 block of Frontier Trail in the Brazos River Acres subdivision southeast of Granbury. They had a warrant alleging her involvement in a Nov. 8 incident, Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Johnny Rose said.

The incident report states Parsons fired two rounds from a shotgun at a male victim, Rose stated, but the man was not struck or injured.

“The incident occurred (in) the 8800 block of Rising Star Court where Parsons and the victim have had past disputes over property lines and trespass issues,” Rose stated at the time, adding that a deadly conduct charge can also be classified as a misdemeanor if the weapon used is not fired at a victim.

Parsons told the Hood County News that she owns a firearm, but did not shoot it at anyone.

She said she started making official complains to the Sheriff’s Office about the junk being dumped on the land about two years ago.

“Yeah, there’s no doubt in my mind people are dumping down there,” Deeds said.

She claims that the reason that paperwork doesn’t show that part of the land belongs to her is because of a warranty deed mistake made years ago – and has yet to be corrected.

Parsons said the land in question was given to her by a friend before he died.

The sheriff said the deadly conduct charge against Parsons remains in place and won’t be dropped.

“Judge (Ralph) Walton will be the one to make the determination of who owns the property,” Deeds said. “If she feels she’s got enough documentation to prove that, she needs to get an attorney. She’s going to have her day in court.

“She doesn’t have a leg to stand on, and there are a lot of accusations she’s making against a lot of people because she can’t prove she owns that. It’s all under investigation. In Texas, a district judge has to make that ruling.”

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