Trailer donated to Animal Control

July 3, 2013


It’s an animal house – on wheels.

Hood County Animal Control now has an air-conditioned trailer that can house animals not only in emergency evacuations but also during pet adoption days held at remote sites.

The acquisition of the trailer, which is worth about $75,000, was a blockbuster deal – at zero cost to the county, thanks to NewScope Marketing of Granbury and several other local companies that contributed significant amounts to the cause.

NewScope, the No. 1 truck marketing group for Ford Motor Co., builds trailers for clients all over the country, according to owner Brad Snyder. It specializes in a wide variety of public events including state and county fairs, rodeos, sporting events, car shows and other dealership-related events, according to its website (

“We work natural disasters all over the United States for Ford,” Snyder explained. “If there is a problem, this trailer can also go help in other cities.

“We just felt, as a community, this was important. Government dollars didn’t pay for this.”

Snyder emphasized that rumors are false about money being taken out of the county budget for a planned Animal Control facility and used for the trailer. He said the only county expense associated with the trailer will be for insurance and the costs of transporting it.


Snyder said the trailer, which will have a maximum capacity of 21 animals, should be ready for use in about eight weeks after installation of the air-conditioning, the cages and a sink.

Animal Control will use the trailer for pet adoption days held at remote sites around town, taking advantage of fact more animals can be transported – reducing the number of trips and potential overtime hours required.

Animal Control Sergeant Kelly McNab could hardly contain her excitement about having the trailer donated free of charge.

“That, and keeping animals as comfortable as possible during adoption days as well as being able to hold more off-site adoptions – which, in turn, (gives) the animals a better chance of getting adopted,” McNab said. “It’s a wonderful symbol of how much this great community cares about the animals in need.”

The trailer, the exterior of which was completed just in time to be featured in Granbury’s July 4th parade Thursday, is 36 feet long and 8 feet wide, Snyder said.

“It’s pretty exciting,” Snyder said. “We donated most of the trailer. We had it in stock. It would have sold for probably about $26,000.”

Snyder noted that his staff, which includes 31 full-time employees and as many as 104 workers at times including contract labor, provided the labor.

The trailer features plexiglass windows, through which the animals can be viewed by those seeking to adopt. That allows the animals to remain in a climate-controlled environment when the weather is unpleasant.

Cages have been ordered, and some other interior work also has yet to be completed, Snyder noted.


“We met with (County Commissioner) Steve Berry and (Sheriff) Roger Deeds and (County Judge) Darrell Cockerham,” Snyder said. “The first thing they asked was, okay, what’s this going to cost the county? Our answer was, not a dime. Hood County is going to own it. We’re going to donate the trailer to the county, and it will be operated by HALO.”

HALO is the Hood County Animal Lovers Organization, a local nonprofit animal advocacy group.

Other companies that contributed to the trailer project include Arrow Feed and Ranch, S&R Trice Painting, HIGHTECH and G.L. Couch Properties, Snyder said.

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