Tower expected to improve police communications

April 20, 2013


A new tower that Granbury city officials say was needed to address “a public safety issue” now looms in Granbury Cemetery, 90 feet higher than the one it replaced.

The 250-foot tower will allow for full range communications for police officers – something the older, smaller tower was unable to do, said IT Director Tony Tull. He said that police personnel would sometimes have to walk outside City Hall to be able to communicate through their radios.

The new tower will be the primary tower, Tull said, while another tower on the east side of town will serve as the backup.

After the storm damaged the old tower at Granbury Cemetery, the tower on the east side of town served as the primary, Tull said. That, too, was a precarious situation since the east tower had three times sustained direct hits by lightning, requiring the replacement of equipment.

The timing for the city’s need for a new tower proved advantageous. City officials were able to buy, at full warranty, a 250-foot tower that was being dismantled in West Monroe, La. It had never been used.

The tower was approved by the Zoning Board of Adjustment. Notices of its pending arrival were sent to residents within a certain radius of the cemetery, Tull said. The tower is rooted in 100 tons of concrete, he stated.

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