Preparedness important if disaster strikes

September 11, 2013

September is National Preparedness Month, designed to remind everyone of the importance of being ready if disasters and other emergencies occur.

Hood County Emergency Management Coordinator Ray Wilson said that being prepared in advance results in safer and easier disaster recovery scenarios. Officials had cited good preparedness and training in the aftermath of the E4 tornado that struck Hood County on May 15 and killed six residents of the Rancho Brazos subdivision as being a key to both the response and recovery.

Wilson is challenging local residents to prepare themselves for future emergencies by doing at least one of the following simple tasks this month:

Learn about emergencies or hazards in the community and the proper response

Build an emergency kit

Make a community plan

Get involved in preparedness in the community

“Remember to make your plans for your family, while at work, school or place of worship, (and) have an emergency kit and a way to stay informed,” said Wilson, who is also the county fire marshal. “Be aware of your surroundings – where to meet and where to go. Learn what to do if there is another tornado.”

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