Keffer accuses Crisp of falsifying state rep filing

December 11, 2013

State Rep. Jim Keffer is accusing Cullen Crisp of falsifying his filing application when the Hood County farmer and small business owner filed to run against the established incumbent in the spring Republican primaries.

Crisp calls the accusations “ridiculous.”

Keffer’s campaign claims that Crisp wrongfully claimed 13 1/2 years of “continuous residence” in Hood County when he filed with the Republican party for the District 60 state representative seat.

According to a press release issued late Monday by Keffer’s camp, Crisp moved from Hood County to Tarrant County to run for the District 97 seat in 2012.

“A lot of people don’t know that Mr. Crisp bought a house in Fort Worth and moved away from our rural district two years ago to run for State Representative in Tarrant County,” Keffer campaign manager Even Autry stated in the press release.

In February 2012, Crisp purchased a house in Mira Vista, changed his voter registration to Tarrant County and filed campaign treasurer paperwork with the Texas Ethics Commission when he ran for the District 97 representative seat, Keffer’s camp is claiming.

Hood County voter records for 2012 show that Crisp canceled his voter registration because he moved out of the county, according to Autry, but then reapplied for a voter registration card a few weeks later after his District 97 campaign failed.

“These are the same tactics employed against Brian Birdwell prior to his election to the State Senate,” Crisp wrote in an email to the HCN just before press time Tuesday morning.

“It also reminds me of Barack Obama doing everything he could to bring up red herrings that distracted from his liberal record. If Keffer had spent more time in Hood County over the last 10 years, he might know just how ridiculous his accusations sound.”

Crisp’s email did not specifically address why the accusations allegedly have no merit.

Autry called the Tarrant County move “hokey pokey political maneuvering.”

“After all, if you don’t tell the truth on your own filing application, what else will you not tell the truth about as the campaign unfolds?”

Crisp stated: “This is absurd, and these type of antics distract from the fact that Keffer has voted for in-state tuition to illegal immigrants and a budget that grew state spending by $22,000,000,000.”

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