Granbury Gun Show expects to draw 500 visitors

March 5, 2014

Banquets, seminars and celebrations are planned at the Granbury Resort Conference Center and other city properties during the month of March.

Reservations and the number of people expected to attend are listed here.

Granbury Resort

Conference Center

March 3: Granbury High School girls basketball banquet (150)

March 6: Boys & Girls Club banquet (250)

March 7: Reception for City board members

March 10-14: National Association for Search and Rescue (15)

March 13: Alzheimer’s community education seminar (125)

March 18: Healthy Woman luncheon (300)

March 20-21: Tarleton ESP Seminar (450)

March 22-23: Granbury Gun Show (500)

March 27: Luminant Seminar (100)

March 27: Dentsply Implants seminar (30)

March 29: Allen/ Dunn family reunion (100)

American Town Hall

March 2: Birthday party

March 4: Hood County Clean Air Coalition

March 15: Bridal shower

Neely House

March: 2-9-16-23: Harvest Church

March: 6-13-20-27: Church group

March: 8: Wedding

March 15: Birthday party

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