Final plat approved for Aldi grocery

December 11, 2013

Granbury Inn and Suites across the highway from Kroger will be demolished, and an Aldi grocery store will be built in its place.

The Granbury City Council approved the final plat at its regular meeting last week. The plat involves four acres at 1339 North Plaza Drive by Harbor Lakes Drive.

Community Development Director Scott Sopchak said that how quickly the store becomes a reality will be up to “the corporate office.” However, he said that it should not take long to “prep the land.”

“They could probably prep the site within a month and a half or so,” Sopchak said.

Aldi stores are promoted as providing cost savings to customers through such things as energy-saving measures and the acceptance of only cash, debit and EBT (food stamp) cards, which eliminates credit and processing fees.

Time spent by employees retrieving carts is eliminated because customers pay a quarter to obtain a cart, then get their quarter back once they return the cart. Customers also bring their own bags or purchase recyclable ones at the store.

Cost-saving measures, plus Aldi brands that are competitive with national brands, can save customers up to 50 percent, according to the company’s website.

Sopchak said that the Granbury store will be between 17,000 and 18,000 square feet.

The community development director said that plans are still under way to move Kroger from its current location to Highway 377 and Highway 4, across from H-E-B.

“They haven’t filed the final plat yet,” Sopchak said, “but we are still coordinating with Kroger, and they are still interested in the property. We did talk with them (recently), and that project is still very much ongoing.

“There’s a little more complexity to it than a single pad site, but there has been no loss in momentum.”

The planned store will be about 66,000 square feet, Sopchak said.

He stated that as yet there are no plans for the building where Kroger currently is located.

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