Family has close call with 5-foot rattler

September 21, 2013


Steve Adams said he knows rattlesnakes – and the one that paid a visit Tuesday was no shrimp.

He said his wife, Karen, was taking their two house dogs outside at about 10 p.m. when he heard her scream.

Adams used a .22 to kill what he identified as a western diamondback that was about 5 feet long.

He wasn’t certain, but speculated his wife had walked close to where the snake was, in the grass at the bottom of the front porch steps of their ranch home a few miles out of Granbury off Paluxy Highway.

Adams, 53, said the snake looked “as big as a fence post.” It had eight “buttons,” he noted, and the head was nearly 3 inches wide.

“We have a lot of rat snakes out here,” Adams said. “I was totally shocked when I realized it was a rattlesnake that big. That was the biggest snake I’ve ever seen – and I’ve lived in the country my whole life, and I used to survey for the gas and oil industry.”

Adams said he and his wife moved here from Weatherford eight years ago.

They have no children at home, but said if they did it “would have been really bad,” having a rattler looming that close to the house.

“A snake that size would deliver a large dose” of venom, he said.

Adams said he was told by the previous landowner that there were lots of snakes in that spot. He has killed “about a dozen” each year. Most are copperheads and rat snakes, but he has killed three rattlers in less than two years averaging 3-4 feet long. One was a baby rattler he caught on their back porch last year.

“My wife is so paranoid she won’t go in the front yard,” Adams said, but added, “It’s rare to walk out the front door and see a western diamondback that big. I live in a snake pit, it seems, even though I live on a hill.”

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