EOC construction slightly ahead of schedule

October 26, 2013


Construction on the county’s Emergency Operations Center is going full speed ahead, and the roof should be in place before long.

Despite some recent rain, Sheriff Roger Deeds said Wednesday morning that he was told by the primary contractor the project is a couple of days ahead of schedule.

The completion date for the facility, on Deputy Larry Miller Drive across the street from the Hood County Jail, is targeted for Feb. 1.

The EOC is currently in somewhat crowded quarters inside the Sheriff’s Office building, which also houses the county jail. It serves as command center for county officials in case of a natural disaster or other emergency situations posing a threat to the public.

The new EOC is designed to accommodate officials from the Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant if they need to monitor a potentially dangerous event that might develop at the plant.

Deeds said he received an update a few days ago that indicated the EOC’s roof would be done soon.

“I would hope the roof will be done for sure by next week,” Deeds said, noting that once that’s in place then the contractor can begin to install indoor features.

He said Sheetrock and metal studs for the inside walls were brought in this week, and the water was connected on Tuesday.

“After the studs are put up, they talked about wiring and running cables for radios and monitors,” Deeds said. “From here on, things are going to go fast and furious – and with the roof on there won’t be anything to stop us.

“Things are moving faster than I thought they would. The foreman takes pride in himself on staying ahead of schedule. But they’re still not saying they’re going to be done until the first of February.

“They are doing a great job, with great quality workmanship, and the foreman is keeping it ahead of schedule.”

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