County assault cases up again in 2012

January 19, 2013

It would be great to “zero out” the major (“index”) crime statistics categories for any given year, but everyone knows that’s not going to happen. However, that doesn’t keep Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds from wishing that impossible dream could come true.

“That’s the goal – to have it all zeroed out,” Deeds said. “So much of (crime) stems from drugs and drinking and domestic violence. Human behavior – you can’t really change that when you don’t have control over that.”

There were two criminal homicide cases investigated by the Sheriff’s Office in 2012. There had been one in each of the past two years.

The first homicide of 2012 was in January, when Gene Sabin was shot to death in his place of business, T.J.’s Private Club and Cafe, near the Oak Trail Shores subdivision. Three suspects are in custody on $1 million bond each, and all are facing a first-degree murder charge – with trials expected this year.

The June death of Luke Urbanovsky as a result of a car crash in Pecan Plantation, was the other homicide case worked by the Sheriff’s Office. The driver of the vehicle, Marcus Click, was charged with a felony count of intoxication manslaughter.

There were no forcible rapes reported in the sheriff’s jurisdiction last year, after eight had been recorded in each of the two previous years.

There were two county robberies last year, while none were reported in 2011. The 2010 total was five.

Assaults investigated by deputies went up by 37, with 473 reported in 2012. The 2011 total of 436 was an increase of 60 over 2010.

Burglaries dropped from 168 cases in 2011 to 125 last year, while thefts dipped from 375 to 360.

Deeds said that because the burglary category deals with a larger number of incidents and victims, deputies are asked to do what they can to be proactive when they are not on another call for an active crime.

“Their responsibility is to be proactive and do close patrols, and get out in the neighborhoods,” Deeds said. “We always try to think of more ways to be proactive about any of the major crimes.”

Vehicle theft climbed to 48 last year, from 27 the year before. However, the number had spiked to 63 in 2010.

Deeds noted that there were 133 drug-related arrests made last year by county deputies who are on the narcotics unit. That fell from 156 the year before.

Deeds said there are approximately 25 or 30 outstanding warrants that are not quite ready to process for various reasons.

“With what we’ve got on hold, the number (of drug arrests) would pretty much equal out to what we had last year,” Deeds said, noting that it was “just the way things fell, with the timeline of it.”

Last weekend, boosted in part by those incarcerated from district court and county court at law cases completed, the number of inmates in the Hood County Jail reached 207. By Tuesday, the number dwindled to 191, Deeds said.

“It spiked over the weekend,” Deeds said. “That (207) was the highest number we’ve had in quite awhile. Last spring we were down around 165-170, then it started easing up. Last month we had over 185-190 in the system.”

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