City still trying to resolve delays with boat docks

August 10, 2013

The long-running situation between the city of Granbury and the Stephenville-based Jay Mills construction company is continuing, even though city officials had thought the matter involving unfinished boat docks off Pearl Street had been resolved months ago.

The City Council met in closed session Tuesday night to discuss the “Jay Mills lawsuit.” City Attorney Stuart Neal told the Hood County News that company officials did not meet the deadline that they had agreed to in the compromise and settlement agreement that was signed back in December. Neal said that the contract allows the city to collect “delay damages” at a rate of $240 per day. The accrued damages will be subtracted from the total cost of the project.

The City Council authorized Neal to negotiate with company representatives to resolve the matter. The December agreement topped off a three-year legal dispute over materials to be used for the public boat docks that will be near Hewlett Park, across from the Granbury Resort Conference Center.

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