Charities affected by bingo hall case

July 31, 2013

One of the former managers of the Brazos Bingo Hall on Thursday was sentenced to two years of probation and fined $2,000 after being convicted of a misdemeanor charge of possessing illegal eight-liner gambling machines, Hood County Attorney Lori Kaspar said.

The 57-year-old Granbury man was arrested along with his wife, who was co-manager, last September after the Texas Lottery Commission had notified them that the business could lose its license because of the eight-liners. His wife, 49, was found not guilty.

The bingo hall continued to operate the machines in the attached Brazos Bingo Hall Game Room after the owner was warned, Kaspar noted.

“Texas law allows bingo, but prohibits bingo operations from associating with illegal game rooms,” Kaspar said, noting that three local charities were associated with the bingo hall. “Unfortunately, the illegal operation of the game room ultimately robbed our local charities of an important source of income.”

The charities affected are United Response Search and Rescue Team, Hood County Volunteer Fire Department Station 70 and Friends for Animals.

The 33-year-old owner was arrested last Wednesday on misdemeanor charges of keeping a gambling place and possessing gambling devices when he showed up in County Court at Law to see the trial of the two managers.

After sheriff’s office investigators gained a search warrant for the business last September, they seized 61 eight-liners and more than $25,000 in cash. Kaspar said officers in Gun Barrel City also shut down a similar game room and bingo hall in 2012 operated by the same owner.

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