Your vote could help win grant

Help the Weekend Food for Kids program win a $20,000 grant from the Walmart Fighting Hunger Together foundation.

To vote, go to Scroll about halfway down the page. A vertical ad on the left side of the page promotes the campaign.

If the food campaign ad does not appear, click to refresh the page. You may need to refresh several times before the Weekend Food voting promotion appears.

Click on the Weekend Food ad and you will be routed to the Walmart voting site. A Facebook account is required for voting.

You will see the Hood County Mobile Pantry site and the Weekend Food for Kids logo. Place your vote, once a day.

More than 70 groups are competing for the $20,000. Voting for the Weekend Food for Kids program is lagging behind, according to committee member Jerry Tidwell. “We need lots more votes,” he said.

Weekend Food for Kids provides food to selected students for the weekend. Students who appear not to have adequate food on weekends will be identified by school teachers, counselors, nurses and principals.

Grant funds will be used to supplement local funds used to purchase nutritious nonperishable foods.

These foods will be provided to students at the end of school Fridays so that the child can take them home and will have some nutritious foods for the weekend.