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“A world without libraries is unthinkable.”

-Erica Silverman

“And the Mountains Echoed”


Abdullah is 10 and his beloved little sister Pari is 3. Abdullah has taken care of Pari since their mother died giving birth the Pari. The family has no money, and one of their stepmother’s babies has already died from the cold. One day their father takes them on a long, arduous journey to Kabul where Pari is left to grow up with the wealthy employer of his brother. Pari grows up in Paris, becomes a mathematician, marries a drama teacher, and has three children. Abdullah ends up in California, running a restaurant. Always, he dreams of reuniting with Pari. This is a story of the many ways in which families nurture, wound, betray, honor, and sacrifice for one another. This one is available in large print format.

“Sleep No More”

Crime Fiction

Eve Duncan is a forensic sculptor, and she knows what it’s like to be haunted by the past. For years after her daughter Bonnie was stolen from her, she fought for closure. Just as she’s beginning to start anew, she finds herself in the midst of another missing persons case. Beth Avery who has been locked away in a psychiatric facility for many years has vanished. Beth’s connection to Eve becomes more and more involved, and long-buried secrets begin to emerge. When Eve realizes the real danger, she enlists the help of rogue profiler Kendra Michaels to help her detect clues and solve puzzles. This is a page-turner, for sure.

“Midnight in Austenland”


Charlotte Kinder is recently divorced and pretty much down-in-the-dumps. Her friends suggest a new kind of vacation – two weeks in a Jane Austen fantasy camp called Pembrooke Park. Well, why not? It’s a very proper English estate in Kent where guests and staff immerse themselves in a Masterpiece Theater kind of setting. Charlotte is courted by her assigned suitor, Mr. Mallery. When Charlotte catches a fleeting glimpse of a dead body in a secret room, the playacting shifts gears and everybody at Pembrooke Park gets in on the mystery-solving.

“I, Rhoda”


Rhoda Morgenstern is as beloved as her best friend Mary Richards. The two starred in The Mary Tyler Moore Show back in the 1970s. Harper was an unknown actress when she won the part of Rhoda, a native New Yorker and struggling working girl who was always worrying about her weight and the men in her life. We know the rest of the story – Valerie Harper soon had her own show Rhoda. One of television’s best loved characters, Valerie also found success on Broadway and received a Tony nomination for her portrayal of Tallulah Bankhead. Don’t miss this one…

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