Weekend Food program relies on community

You can make a difference for hungry children in Hood County.

Donations are sought to continue funding the Weekend Food for Kids program. Organizers hope to reach a goal of $25,000 by year’s end.

The weekend food program is now at every campus in the Granbury school system. Food is provided for some 494 students weekly.

Studies show that 26 percent of children in Hood County do not know if they will get enough food to eat on any given day.

Children who are eligible for the free or reduced meal program are fed at school during the week. But some of those kids may not have food over the weekend.

The weekend food bags include two breakfast items such as instant oatmeal, cereal or Pop-Tarts. Two lunches and two dinners may include Vienna sausage, mac and cheese, soups, small ravioli and ramen noodles. Snack items like pudding or Jello cups, popcorn, granola bars or crackers may also be included.

The food cost ranges from $5 to $5.15 for each weekend bag.

The Weekend Food for Kids program and the Monthly Community Pantry are under the umbrella of the Neighbors Feeding Neighbors nonprofit agency. Your donation to Neighbors Helping Neighbors will be used entirely for the Weekend Food Kids program.

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