There’s magic waiting at the public library

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

-Stephen King

“Daisy Gets Lost”

Getting lost is no fun! Another misadventure while chasing a ball in the park and Daisy, the loveable little dog is lost.

Daisy spots a little squirrel, and in typical doggy fashion, chases the squirrel into the woods and gets lost. She begins to howl and her owner, a little girl, runs to find her puppy.

The two have a joyous reunion. There is little text and the illustrations are superb.

“The 100th Day of School”

How many ways can you count to 100? The 100th day of school changes every year. It may come in January or maybe February.

Celebrating 100th day of school happens in many ways – jumping a hundred times, sharing 100 raisins, and blowing 100 bubbles. Children may even donate 100 cans of food to a food bank.

This delightful little book has other activities and a web address for even more ideas. Help your little one celebrate a very special event.

“5 Levels of


The author, an internationally renowned leadership expert, writes “My belief is that everything rises and falls on leadership.”

How does leadership work? How do you teach someone leadership?

Maxwell contends that leadership is not a matter of having a certain job or title; the effective and successful leader is the one who masters the ability to invest in people and inspire them.

In this book and in his seminars, Dr. Maxwell describes five levels of leadership accessible to everyone, how to master each level and rise up to the next to become a more influential, respected, and successful leader.

“Running Like a Girl”

Alexandra Heminsley did not run. Not ever. Then one day after she was past 30, following a terrible break-up, she decided to begin walking.

Soon Alexandra thought of beginning to run, but that required a whole new set of anxieties. She had to have appropriate running shoes and the visit to the sports shoe store almost convinced her that the snide and arrogant salesman was right about her inabilities!

British journalist Heminsley persevered, learned to handle injuries and on-the-go restroom anxieties. Her greatest accomplishment, she says after completing five marathons, is the mental transition she makes in her life. You will like this one.

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