Tall tale


Massive vegetation has taken hold in the dry lake bed of a Lake Granbury canal behind the Blue Water Shores residence of Betty Price. Pictured is her son, Steven Price of Fort Worth, who stands 6 feet tall. Steven worked 5-1/2 hours Sunday to remove the vegetation, but much more work is needed. Price has owned the southeast Hood County waterfront home since 1996. She said salt cedar is growing in the vegetation. The deep-rooted, fast-growing, salt cedar plant can monopolize limited water, and can increase the “frequency, intensity and effect of fires and floods,” according to www.texasinvasives.org. Price said, “I have been to County Commissioner Jeff Tout, and County Agent Marty Vahlenkamp, I have sent a picture to the Environmental Health Office.” Price, 71, said she is concerned about the effects on her asthma, along with increased problems with fleas, mosquitoes, snakes and raccoons. Price said a controlled burn isn’t an option due to the nearby homes and docks.