Student donates $4,000 from sale to Cancer Care


When Hallie Parsons graduates, she can see herself working with therapy horses to help children and others in need.

In the meantime, the Granbury High School junior has thrown her allegiance to Cancer Care Services. She recently donated $4,000 to the cancer support agency.

The donation was a big surprise for Dana Ruth McCoy, who knows Hallie through her work with the rodeo team at school, and with students at the Hood County Junior Livestock Show. McCoy also works with the Cancer Care Services agency.

Parsons said she decided ahead of time to donate half the money from the sale of her lamb to Cancer Care Services.

“I was thinking about it for awhile,” Parsons said of her decision. “My grandpa died from cancer, and I know other people who have cancer.”

The Parsons family has also volunteered at the annual Cancer Cares Jamboree fundraiser.


Parsons didn’t tell McCoy about her decision.

“I kept it a secret. I knew she would be surprised.”

Parsons has been showing animals since she was in third grade.

When the time came for the sale of Parsons’ lamb at the livestock show in January, an announcement was made. McCoy was called to the show ring to hold Parsons’ ribbon during the sale.

The next announcement was a surprise. “Hallie will donate half of the proceeds from the sale of her lamb to Cancer Care Services.”

The bidding went up to $8,000. Tears began to flow.

“It’s amazing,” an emotional McCoy said. “I was in tears. I can’t thank her enough. She is helping so many men, women and children.”

McCoy said she lost her dad to cancer and has participated in Relay For Life, in addition to working with Cancer Care Services.

“I know a lot of families and friends struck with cancer,” she added.

“Even through Granbury is growing, we still have that small-town, caring attitude.”

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