SpellBound will open Saturday on the square


Talk about a quick turn around. After purchasing a building on the square some eight weeks ago, Ron and Tina Brown are opening shop Saturday.

The Brown’s eclectic new store, SpellBound, is located at 109 E. Bridge St., on the north side of the Granbury square.

SpellBound features unique home decor items and jewelry. Stained-glass pieces, decorative doors, urns, light fixtures, leaded lamps and mirrors are included in the merchandise.

Prior to their opening, the Browns transformed the interior of the building with a major makeover.

After pulling the paneling off the walls, the couple found a hidden surprise. “As the layers were peeled back, rock walls were exposed,” Ron said.

Rough paneling installed on a portion of the wall is finished with a washed turquoise look, adding to the rustic appeal. Wood floors were refurbished with a dark stain, and cedar beams were added across the ceiling.

The Browns will be manning the store themselves. “We really like the idea of doing something together,” Ron explained. He plans to continue operations with his wholesale tree business. “I can do that from home or here at the shop,” he said.

SpellBound will open at 10 a.m. Monday-Saturday, at noon on Sunday, and close at 6 or later. For more information, call 817-964-3270.