Six garages once operated

About three months ago I asked how many garages/gas stations there were in Lipan at one time.

Nell Ives Brown tells me that there were six garages here right after World War II. Alton Stowe, Butler Ives, Poker Smith, Hillary Baldree, Troy Key and Joe Martin all had garages here. Mr. Martin’s business was located where the old funeral home now sits next to the post office.

During this same time, there were approximately six little cafes also in business in Lipan. Earl and Frances Gafford had a cafe for years in the old grocery store building, currently painted blue and yellow (on main street), in town. Before being a cafe, this building was a department store, and before that it was a “saloon” run by Pleas Gafford, Earl’s father.

There was also a “chili parlor” (around 1874) run by a man named Iles, located where the current phone office now sits.

Nell also recalls a big water well in the center of town. She thinks the water became salty and unusable after a time. Thanks Nell for all the information. I appreciate your help.


Around 1:30 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 7, the natural gas supply in the town of Lipan stopped suddenly. The Lipan Community Center was opened so that people could go there to “warm up” if needed.

Atmos Energy sent several employees out to remedy the problem and light heating units, water heaters and cook stoves. Most of the townspeople had their gas back on by 9 p.m. that night.


My mom, Mary Ann Perry, is now back home recovering from a stomach virus. She spent one night in the hospital because she was dehydrated and weak.

Others also recovering are LaRue Tankersley, Billie Rogers, John Ford, Charles Tipton, Verne Tipton and Carol Harris. We hope you are better very soon!


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