Robotic surgery available here

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Dr. Don Howser is excited to have the new da Vinci robot at Lake Granbury Medical Center. Surgeons view a computer screen while they manipulate the robot as it performs the surgery. Robotic surgery is said to be less uncomfortable for the patient, and recovery time is quicker.

The da Vinci robot received favorable reviews at last week’s Healthy Woman luncheon sponsored by Lake Granbury Medical Center (LGMC). Those attending were able to get a close-up look at the technological wonder.

Speaking to the group, Dr. Don Howser had nothing but praise for the robot — and for the efforts of David Orcutt to secure the robot for LGMC. Orcutt is the CEO at LGMC.

Howser recalled that he was looking at hospitals in the Fort Worth area where he could use the da Vinci robot. Little did he know that Orcutt was eying the same technology for Lake Granbury Medical Center.

“It never really occurred to me that we would get something like this at our community hospital,” Howser explained.

The doctor said that patient recovery time is shorter with the robot. “And the patient is much less uncomfortable,” he noted. Howser said that robot can be used for hysterectomies, the second most common surgery in the U.S., next to C-sections. Since 2001, Howser is just shy of delivering 2,600 babies in Granbury.