Protect your mobile device from hot weather

These days, we rely on our mobile devices for just about everything. And while we can usually depend on our mobile devices to be there for us through thick and thin, in the warmer months our gadgets are more susceptible to damage, wear and tear.

If you have electronics in your car – phones, tablets, cameras – treat those as you would a little one.

“It’s just the same as leaving a child in the car,” Action Computers Office Manager Lori Bolton said. “Heat temperature rises so fast, especially with the windows up.

“Extreme heat and extreme cold on electronics is a bad idea. Capacitors and the things on the board are not designed to withstand heat and cold.”

Unless you plan to sprint in and sprint back to your hot car, it would be wise to take the items with you, Bolton suggested.

“For ladies, usually we have purses. We we can carry lots of things in our purses,” she said with a laugh.

“For gentlemen, laptop bags – you can put a lot of electronics in those. I know it’s kind of a pain, but it will definitely save you in the long run.”

Also, vehicle owners may want to consider tinted windows that reduce the heat inside cars, Bolton noted. And when the heat rises above 100 degrees outside, the temperature inside parked cars can be brutal.

So how can you ensure your fun won’t be disrupted by a mobile device snafu? Qualcomm, a mobile and wireless technology leader, offers tips to better protect your right hand man:


Water and technology are a lethal combination. If you happen to drop your phone into the pool or lake this summer, turn it off, dry it with a towel and remove the battery immediately. Let the SIM card dry and set it aside in a safe place. Put your phone in a bowl of uncooked oatmeal or rice, which will absorb moisture. Leave it to dry out thoroughly overnight.


When the days are long and full of fun, you may not have time to plug in and recharge. Don’t let a dead battery sidetrack your whole day.

Check out apps that can help you improve your battery life, such as Snapdragon BatteryGuru, a free Android app for Snapdragon powered devices that is designed to use both software and hardware to learn your behavior and intelligently adjust settings to minimize background activities without disabling smartphone features.


Losing a smartphone is the pits. Luckily most smartphone operating systems offer free built-in services to help track a missing phone, like the Lookout Security & Antivirus app available in the Google Play store. Take a few minutes to make sure your phone is set up to be found in an emergency. You may also consider locking your screen to make it harder for a thief to use it, as well as to secure your private data.


Your smartphone slipping out of your hand likely is already a common occurrence. Add sunscreen, water and perhaps even cocktails to the mix and you increase your risk for slips and scratches. Luckily, there are many simple, inexpensive protectors you can add onto your display to protect it, such as those from such brands as ZAGG invisibleSHIELD and Armortech.

Don’t let the fun and sun mean the death of a tool you rely on so heavily. With a few precautionary measures and some know-how for worst case scenarios, you can protect your devices from warm weather hazards.