Prine’s art captures his love of the Old West


Doug Prine lives, breathes and stages what he paints – the life and times of people in the Old West.

To meet, enjoy the art of, and learn from this dedicated artist, join members of the Lake Granbury Art Association at the Monday, April 9, meeting at Shanley House Center for the Arts, 224 N. Travis, at 7 p.m.

Prine and his wife, Toni, live in Nemo, where they have built an authentic cowboy town with over 30 buildings duplicating an old west town. They encourage other artists to see the Old West through their eyes and relive the days of gunslingers and cowboys and Indians.

Every year the Prines sponsor a photo shoot, “Deep in the Art of Texas” where professional artists are invited to come with their cameras and relive the west of yesterday. Many of his paintings originate in this small early western village.

Prine’s website notes, “His attention toward the authentic details that make up life in the old west is one of the most notable things about his work. Doug achieves his goals of historically correct paintings very effectively by using the aids of period dressed models, historical re-enactments and through extensive research.”

He once was a commercial artist and an illustrator for the Army. During the Vietnam War, Prine was a combat artist.

He is now working on his first book, “The Sun Doesn’t Shine Everyday,” about his time in Vietnam. Some of the pencil drawings from combat will be in his book and can be seen on his website,

To further underline his passion for the early West, Prine hosts the Buck Creek Bandoleros, a Cowboy Action Shooting competition at his Nemo 5P Ranch each month. Known in this arena at “Hoofprint Prine,” these competitions employ the use of single action western type guns, and are a part of SASS, or Single Action Shooting Society, now worldwide.

Each participant is required to adopt a shooting alias appropriate to a character or profession of the late 19th century, a Hollywood western star, or an appropriate character from fiction. Their costume is then developed accordingly. Some feel the costuming is more fun that the shooting.

Prine participates in Old West, Mountain Man, Indian Wars, and Civil War re-enactments and has appeared as an actor in films such as Rambo III, True Friends, Blood on the Brazos, commercials and music videos.

Like mentioned before, he lives, breathes and stages.

Prine has been a full-time fine artist for 37 years. Each painting is consistent with his love of and his lifestyle honoring the Old West.

When not painting, writing, working on the old west town, art shows and seminars (which he teaches), Prine spends much of his time with his main love, his family and grandchildren.

Not surprisingly, many of his paintings are of his family and friends taken during his “Deep in the Art of Texas.”

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