Pecan resident’s drainage nothing to do with allergies


The giant hole in Sandi Wynne’s backyard might be okay if she was intending to put in a swimming pool.

But she’s not.

The 100-foot-long, 30-foot-wide hole opened up on its own, she said – perhaps with help from the Pecan Plantation Owners Association’s (PPOA) culvert project. The culverts have helped divert drainage on the orchard side of the development, which in the past has experienced flooding during heavy rains.

“It changed the amount of water that would come through (my yard),” said Wynne, who lives on Westover Drive near the front gate. “I had erosion, but nothing like this.”

Wynne said the problems began in January, following several days of rain. The PPOA’s culverts, she said, increased the flow of water through her property “three-fold.”

Wynne said she hired an attorney to help her “collect information,” but that she is not wanting to sue. She said she simply wants the PPOA to refund at least some of the $40,000 she was forced to take out of her retirement account to pay for repairs.

Thirty thousand has gone to a contractor, whose solution is a concrete path for the flow of water, thus stopping erosion of land. Ten thousand of the money, Wynne said, was in withdrawal penalties.

A lawyer representing PPOA has sent Wynne a letter stating that the board of directors will meet soon to discuss ways to work with her on a resolution.

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