Open a book and story begins

“And so our story ends as it began…with the opening of a book.”

-William Joyce, author of children’s books

“A Land More Kind Than Home”

(Fiction) This story of two brothers growing up in a small town named Marshall in North Carolina reaches out and grabs you from the first page. Everyone knows you’re not supposed to spy on grownups, but adventurous Jess can’t help sneaking a peek at something he’s not supposed to see – an act that will have horrendous repercussions that shatter his world and that of his mute brother Christopher. Carson Chambliss, the charismatic pastor of the church where Jess’s mother worships, leads his congregation in the literal reading of the biblical passage regarding snake-handling. When an elderly church member is handed the snake to show her faith, she is bitten and left to die alone in a tomato patch. “This is a story of courage in the face of cruelty and the power of love to overcome the darkness that lives in us all.”

“The Fantastic Flying Books

of Mr. Morris Lessmore”

(K-Grade 3) In this delightful book about the book-loving Mr. Morris Lessmore whose personal library is blown away in a terrible wind storm, we find that while books are indeed glorious things, what really matters is the story. Along the way, Mr. Lessmore meets “a lovely lady…being pulled along by a festive squadron of flying books.” In his travels to find his lost books, Mr. Lessmore finds an abandoned library whose books are alive. You will remember that this story won an Academy Award for Short Film and is a ground-breaking story app, too.

“Almy’s Observations

Over 50+ Years As a Realtor”

(Biography) Mr. Almy’s account begins with his ancestral heritage in England and his forbears’ desire to move to America for more opportunities than they would have ever been afforded in England. Almy was born in Fort Worth and has lived in Granbury for several years. The book includes information about early real estate transactions by his family in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Buddy is a certified General Real Estate Appraiser and has spent many years as a realtor. This book is historical as well as a personal account of real estate picture in the United States.

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