New finds at the library

“When I look back, I am….impressed again with the life-giving power of literature.” – Maya Angelou, American novelist

“Not Taco Bell Material”

(Personal Reminisces) If you’ve heard of Adam Carolla, you know he’s a pretty funny guy. He’s best known for hilarious rants about things that drive him crazy and personal stories about growing up so poor that “from a dump with a dirt lawn, a hero will rise…” This book deals with “home.” Chapters are identified by the “dumps” Carolla has called home. The first one was so bad that it was called “the barn” by neighborhood kids.

Through determination, talent, and a little help from a guy named Jimmy, climbed to Hollywood stardom. Oh yes, he has a really nice house now…

“Cyberbullying and e-Safety”

(Nonfiction) “I’d be lost without my Blackberry.” One young person’s comment sums up a generation of young people who are increasingly living their daily lives through their phones and the internet. The author, Director of the Bullying Intervention Group in England, focuses her wealth of information and expertise on educating parents and teachers to help young people to think about the power they have at the push of a button.

We must now add digital literacy to our tool kit to help guide children safely.

“The Land of Decoration”

(Fiction) Judith McPherson is 10 years old and extraordinarily bright. She’s isolated by her strange faith; she’s always known she’s living in the End Times, anticipating a new life in “a land flowing with milk and honey….the decoration of all lands.” She’s always known that she is different, but her life at school is almost unbearable because of the taunts of her classmates.

Home is no better; the quiet house is filled with relics of the mother she’s never known. Judith has created a world of her own with little bits and pieces of things like a discarded shoe lace and an orange peel and part of a Styrofoam sandwich box. She’s creating the Land of Decoration.

“Robert Redford”

(Biography) Whether you know him as the Sundance Kid, Roy Hobbs, Jay Gatsby, or Johnny Hooker, you know Robert Redford is one of the most talented and widely-admired Hollywood stars of his generation.

Callan has collected hundreds of hours of interviews plus Redford’s personal journals, script notes and correspondence to produce this comprehensive biography of the little boy born in California and who loved to visit his grandparents in Texas on his way to stardom. Along the way, Redford gathered awards for his acting and directing abilities and is known for his love of the land and his efforts to preserve nature.

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