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“But I Read It On the Internet!”

(Grades 3-5) Is it true just because you read it on the internet? Is it true just because you read it in a book? Mr. Dickinson’s fourth-grade students are really having some big disagreements on how to do proper research. Fortunately, Mrs. Skorupski, the librarian, saves the day. When the kids set out on a presidential fact-finding mission, the ever-resourceful Mrs. Skorupski shows them how to use her terrific research tool called the “Website Evaluation Gizmo.” Then the question about George Washington’s wooden teeth stumps Carmen and Hunter and they must use only the internet to find the answer.

“Songs of Christmas”

(Fiction) Amanda Harding is home from New York feeling very much at loose ends. She’s an accomplished musician and really wants to find a job with a big-city symphony. When it looks like that won’t happen, Amanda decides that being music director at Reverend Ben’s church in Cape Light is a pretty good offer. In the crowded space in the church, Amanda must share her practice space with Gabriel, the man who is restoring the stained glass windows. The two soon discover they have more in common than could have been imagined.

“The Secretary”

(Biography) Hillary Clinton is easily one of the most recognizable people in America. She has been first lady of Arkansas and first lady of the United States and sought the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. In 2008, President Obama named her Secretary of State. She served four years in that capacity, traveling more a million miles and visiting more than one hundred countries in an effort to mend some “sagging fences” around the world. Everywhere she went, Secretary Clinton championed human rights with her relentless brand of public diplomacy. The author traveled with Secretary Clinton and had unparallel access to events around the world.

“& Sons”

(Fiction) Reclusive author A.N. Dyer did not get out very much, so his presence at the funeral of Charles Henry Topping got attention. During the eulogy for his childhood friend, Dyer suffered a breakdown over the life he’s led and the people he’s hurt, particularly his three sons. So begins a frantic effort to reunite the fractured family. Philip Topping, son of the deceased Charles Topping, is pulled into the swirl of the Dyer family and is witness to the real purpose of this reunion.