Mission Granbury can help with new beginnings

The New Year provides opportunity for new beginnings, a new outlook and another new year to be grateful for.

New beginnings. Isn’t that what the “New Year” is about? It’s what we strive to do for people who walk through the doors at Mission Granbury. A New Beginning away from their trauma, financial problems and how to provide basic needs for their family.

We all, at some time in our lives, need to use that four letter word, “Help.” Although not easy, it’s something we all have done, are doing or will do at some time in our life. It is our creed to provide dignity and respect for those that are vulnerable in their time of need.


Perspective is everything! I don’t know who said it first but it is the absolute truth as it relates to individuals who are going through hardships.

It’s not enough to just provide services for “individuals in need or in crisis,” it is essential to provide prospective as well, ie: “Things will get better.” “You are cared about.” “You are not forgotten.” ‘We will help you help yourself.”

The staff at Mission Granbury work diligently to give words of comfort and affirmation while providing guidance or support for individuals through their situation.


We have several exciting things going on at Mission Granbury this year. We are working to expand our Re-Sale shop, streamline services and provide employment enhancement training.

Our volunteers have worked to get our re-sale shop, New Beginnings, in tip top shape this year. We will continue to use it as for a voucher system to provide basic needs while making it as stylish as we can for all the community.

We are in the process of analyzing all services to ensure we are providing the most professionally accepted and the most resourceful services we can.

The caseworkers work to barter with local vendors to get the best bang for our donors buck. They are able to call, explain and provide accountability for the money we spend.


Last, we are partnering with StoneWater Church to provide the Jobs for Life Program which helps individuals to not only identify a new skill, employment training but character enhancement training, often a barrier for finding employment.

I am grateful for the new year I have been given here in this community. Thank you for your support!

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