Midnight Madness!

ROUGH AND READY: Head football coach Scotty Pugh goes over plans and schedules for the Granbury Pirates first practice of the season shortly after midnight on Monday at Pirate Stadium.

FANS IN THE STANDS: Loyal football fans didn’t mind staying up late to watch the Granbury Pirates kick off the 2012 season with their first official practice early Monday morning.

WORKING UP A THIRST: Though the Pirates didn’t practice under the hot summer sun, their spirited workout still required plenty of hydration.

Some call it staying up late. Others say it’s starting early.

Whatever your definition, Midnight Madness happened Sunday night/Monday morning at Pirate Stadium. For a fourth consecutive year the Granbury Pirates began the high school football season one minute after midnight with their first practice under the lights.

With 187 players in grades 10 through 12 showing up, it’s clear the team likes what has become a tradition. With over 300 folks watching in the stands, it’s obvious the fans like it just as much.

“I’m here to support Granbury football,” said Benjamin Reid, a senior at GHS. “This shows our dedication. The moment we can start practicing we do.”