McDonald to teach discipleship

Oliver McDonald, who along with his wife Ellen has led short term mission trips into Mozambique, Botswana, the Congo, Malawi, India and South Africa, will teach a discipleship class for The Church at Granbury beginning Sunday. The class will meet every Sunday at 9:45 a.m. in The Church’s gathering place at 4900 Sonterra Court.

The McDonalds moved into Pecan Plantation in 2012 following six years of working in Doha, Qatar.

“We still have strong ties in Qatar,” the Wichita, Kansas native said. “For more than five years I’ve been spiritual mentor to Johnson Chukka, a native of India who lives there. Ellen and I have also trained Christian disciples from the United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, Ghana, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Nepal and the United States. They in turn have mentored others from numerous countries, including China and Mexico.

“Johnson [Chukka] is actually building a school for disciple making located in southern India that will be completed next year (2013).”

In a combined career encompassing more than 31 years, McDonald has been a certified industrial hygienist and certified safety professional in the United States and abroad for four major companies.

He is a graduate of Midwestern State University, in Wichita Falls, where he earned a B.S. degree in biology; Boston University, where he earned a M.Ed. degree in secondary education; and Texas A&M University Industrial Engineering College, where he earned an M.S. degree in industrial hygiene.

“Ellen and I were blessed with secular work that supported mission responsibilities in Qatar for six years,” McDonald said.“We were blessed to discover after we got there that God’s plan was to make disciples of people from many nations that He [God] had brought to Qatar. Our job was to prepare those whom God put before us so that they could return to their native land and teach others the fundamentals of the Christian faith and how to make disciples.”

The McDonalds developed a booklet titled “Disciple Making on the Mission Field.”

“It’s a guide for making disciples based solely on scripture, without cultural references or examples,” McDonald said. “It includes how the greatest disciple makers…who are documented in scripture…made disciples through the leading of the Holy Spirit. Those referenced are Jesus Christ, Barnabas, Paul, Aquila, Priscilla and others. The study includes 36 fundamental lessons and five advanced lessons.”

C.C. Risenhoover, senior pastor of The Church at Granbury, said, “Oliver [McDonald] brings a unique perspective to the ministry of disciple making, but he doesn’t chase rabbits in his presentation. Every aspect of his teaching is based on scripture that is found in the Bible…both in the Old and New Testaments. Because he has taught so many people from all parts of the world, he has a unusual grasp of how to penetrate various cultures with the gospel of Christ.”