Live a thousand lives with the help of your library

“The reader lives a thousand lives…the man who never reads lives only one.”

-George R.R. Martin

“The Light of the World”

At last, a new Dave Robicheaux novel! Once again, Robicheaux and his longtime friend and partner Clete Purcel are vacationing in Montana’s Big Sky when a series of mysterious events lead them to believe their lives and the lives of their families are in danger. Dave’s daughter Alafair is almost killed and then begins to suspect that a convicted serial killer could be loose. And Clete’s daughter Gretchen, whom we met in Creole Belle, runs into trouble with the local police. Once again, Burke plumbs the depths of social depravity and into the paranormal to produce one of his best. This one is available in Large Print.

“Cat In An Alien X-Ray”

Midnight Louie is in town again. This time in Las Vegas and UFOs are reportedly hovering over the Strip. Louie, the feline gumshoe, really has his paws full this time, especially when a dead body is dropped on the construction site of a secret new Vegas enterprise. This calls for Louie to get all his feline friends in on the action as well as his “people” Temple Barr, whose love life is a tangled mess right now. Do you think that dead body could be someone – or something – returning an alien abductee???? This is Douglas’ twenty-fifth Midnight Louie adventure. Don’t miss it…


Debbie Reynolds is one of the most beloved of Hollywood stars. For more than sixty years, this resilient woman and her talent and her passion for her profession, has endured. In this tell-some biography, Debbie shares private details about her man and money troubles. Those troubles have been monumental with the loss of her Las Vegas dream hotel and the treasured collection of Hollywood memorabilia. Debbie also shares with us the close circle of her family. She speaks honestly about the turmoils of both her children and how close they are as a family. She is Princess Leila’s mother, you know, and she maintained a long-time friendship with Elizabeth Taylor. You’ll be glad you took this trip down memory lane to linger over Hollywood’s Golden Age as well as enjoy Debbie’s journey into the twenty-first century.

“Saving Italy”

While the world watched the Allies’ push north against the Nazis, another war was fought in World War II, a battle to preserve the country’s rich cultural contribution to Western civilization. When daVinci’s The Last Supper was heavily damaged by a bomb blast, protecting the nation’s art became an urgent task. Where do you hide hundreds of paintings and sculpture while the enemy is at hand? A group of forty American and British men appointed by General Eisenhower planned and carried out phenomenal plans, including hiding Michelangelo’s David in a brick tomb. And you must know, there’s political intrigue, too.

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