Library has stocked shelves with new books for spring

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.” –Groucho Marx

“Swimming at Night”

(Fiction) Sometimes sisters are hard to love! When Katie learns that her headstrong sister Mia has been found dead at the bottom of cliff in Bali, she is shocked and cannot believed that Mia’s death is ruled a suicide. Katie is unable to shake the fact that the two were never really reconciled and sets off to find answers. Was the secret to Mia’s death in her travel journal? People go traveling for two reasons: because they are searching for something or they are running away from something.


(Ficton) Sometimes justice is a long time coming. Julie’s son Larry is dead, and Julie is convinced that her greedy daughter-in-law had something to do with that. But getting a confession out of Darlene, well, that’s not going to be easy to do, especially when the safety of Larry’s daughter Olivia is on the line. Two of the old sisterhood of Vigilantes, Myra and Annie, come to Rosemont, Alabama, to help their friend. Oh, my, when this thing begins to unfold, there’s more shady dealings that anyone could have ever imagined. Don’t miss this one…

“Being Frank”

(Ages 5-8) “Honesty is the best policy.” And Frank really practices that! He even told his teacher that her breath “smells funny.” Not funny! Other adults, including his Mom, the police officer who stopped his mom for speeding, and his principal all hear the truth from Frank. Frank’s grandfather taught him a valuable lesson about telling the truth when Mrs. Peacock walked by wearing an unsightly hat. Maybe it’s best to find something nice to say about things – like “That purple flower on your hat is very pretty, Mrs. Peacock.”

“Our Children Can Soar”

(Easy Picture Book) This beautifully illustrated book takes young readers through the story of the Civil Rights movement in poetry and pictures. Well-known men and women such as Jesse Owens and Rosa Parks are featured and so are Hattie McDaniel and George Washington Carver and Thurgood Marshall. It is presented in chronological order and concludes with Barack Obama elected as President of the United States.

“Spike, the Mixed-up Monster”

(Preschool – Grade 3) Spike is a scary-looking salamander who keeps trying to frighten other animals – until he finds out that using fear is not the best way to make friends. Ever see a salamander smile? Since Spike lives in Mexico, there’s easy-to-understand Spanish words throughout the story.

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