Libraries store more than books

“Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination.”

-Sidney Sheldon, author


“The Red Necklace”

Young Adult Fiction

A Gypsy boy, Yann, and the dwarf who has raised him are caught up in drama on and off the stage, where they work as a magician and his automaton. Outside their Parisian theater, revolution is beginning to boil. When the villainous Count Kallovski is murdered inside the theater, a fine tale begins. Yann becomes a young man with a mission – to save Sido from her heartless father all the while struggling with his own extraordinary gifts bestowed upon him by his Gypsy heritage. This is historical fiction at its best and a story you will find amazing.


“Rin Tin Tin”


Rin Tin Tin’s story began on a battlefield in France during World War I when a young American soldier, Lee Duncan, discovered a newborn German Shepherd puppy in the ruins of a bombed-out kennel. Duncan brought Rinty home to Southern California, where the dog’s outstanding qualities soon caught the attention of Warner Brothers Studio.

The beautiful dog starred in many silent films; in fact, Rinty was Hollywood’s number one box office star. Rinty and his descendants journeyed from the silent films to talkies, from black-and-white to color, to radio programs and finally to one of the most popular television shows of the baby boomer era.

This is a story of the enduring bond that develops between animals and humans. And it’s a story of the twentieth century told in a way that will keep you turning pages pretty fast.


“Grace and Grit”


Lily Ledbetter’s name is well-known to many Americans. She is the woman who worked in a supervisory capacity many years for a tire manufacturer in Alabama only to discover that her pay had been far inferior to that of her male counterparts.

Her courageous struggle for equal rights in the workplace became a victory for the nation when the President signed into law the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act in 2009.

Ms. Ledbetter’s suit against Goodyear consumed more than eight years in the court system, including the Supreme Court, where she lost. However, Justice Ginsburg, in reading the dissent, urged Ms. Ledbetter to continue her fight for equality. Do not miss this one…



Preschool – Grade 2

Oh dear! Gabbler the Goose’s egg has disappeared from the nest while everyone is celebrating the big event. All the forest animals search high and low for the beloved egg. You’ve heard of a wild goose chase — well, this is one…


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